Omori seems to be coming to Switch and PS4 in June– Destructoid

The adorable, yet dark RPG seems to have a release date

It looks like amid all the indie news today, the port of Omori now has a release date. Both a tweet from the developer and an updated date on the Nintendo eShop indicate Omori is coming to Switch and PS4 on June 17, 2022.

News first started going around when Omori appeared in the Japanese Indie World Showcase this morning, with a launch date of June 17. Though Omori was the end-of-showcase stinger at last December’s Indie World Showcase, it didn’t appear at all during today’s presentation.

But over on the Nintendo eShop, Omori now has a release date of June 17 in North America. Developer Omocat also announced the date via Twitter late last week, as spotted by Gematsu:

“we’ve been working on porting OMORI to consoles. during testing, we found a small number of issues that needed to be fixed. while we will still release the digital version of OMORI for consoles on june 17th, to ensure quality, we will be delaying the physical releases by 2 weeks.”

There’s a similar announcement on the official Omori website, too. And though it wasn’t certain, the physical version of Omori had originally been slated to ship in June.

We’ve reached out to MP2 Games, the studio collaborating with Omocat for the port, for additional confirmation. But all signs point to Omori hitting consoles on June 17.

An RPG about halcyon days

If you haven’t seen Omori or the following it’s garnered since its launch in December 2020, it’s a notable one to watch. The hand-drawn style and cheerful aesthetic give way to darker plot beats. Omori deals with some fairly heavy subject material, so it’s worth knowing that going in.

It has some incredible story beats and design though, and a unique combat system that uses emotions in battle. Omori is a notable piece of the indie RPG genre at this point, and definitely seems like a good fit for the Switch. We’ll see how the Nintendo handheld handles it in June, it seems.

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