Grab Borderlands 3 while it’s free on the Epic Games Store

If you can tune out the noise, it’s a lot of fun

From today until Thursday, May 26, you can download Borderlands 3 for free from the Epic Games Store — or just add it to your never-actually-gonna-play-this PC game pile.

Is it worth your time? Well, that depends on how into Borderlands you were in the early days and how open to the series you are today. I’m the type of person who can tune out a lot of the grating NPC chatter and just enjoy the character-building, loot-snatching, kinda-mindless-in-a-good-way setup — but maybe that’s too tall of an order for you in 2022.

Borderlands 3 is particularly fun with co-op partners by your side (that goes for all of these games), and there are neat overpowered guns waiting to be found. Speaking of which, the PC version does allow cross-play, so if you’re getting Borderlands 3 for free from the Epic Games Store and your friends already have it on Steam, you’ll be able to play together.

My favorite change in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was the new on-foot overworld, which I greatly preferred to all of the driving in Borderlands 3 that ultimately felt like busywork to me. That said, the prior game still has its place in many ways, especially if you’re even remotely interested in this ever-expanding universe. If you’re primarily in it for the RPG-ified shooter gameplay at this point (same!), it’s worth checking out. I mean, it is free.

This freebie was a “mystery game” until it unwrapped itself today, and the Epic Games Store’s next deal is a surprise, too. We’ll find out what the next giveaway is on May 26.

Epic Games Store Mega Sale
The Epic Mega Sale runs until June 16, 2022.

The Epic Mega Sale has 25% off coupons

While you’re here, it’s also worth mentioning that the Epic Mega Sale is running right now through June 16. Naturally, there are automatic coupons, too — 25% off.

In terms of high-profile deals, there’s Ghostwire: Tokyo ($39.59), Dying Light 2 ($53.99), Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands ($47.99), and Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade ($49.69). And remember: games priced at $14.99 or above qualify for the bonus 25% off coupon.

I’ll also point to this list of the current Epic Games Store exclusive games (that aren’t also available on Steam), which can be tricky to pin down. More recently, there are games like Sifu ($35.99), Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin ($44.99), Salt and Sacrifice ($19.99), and Evil Dead: The Game ($39.99), the latter two of which just launched.

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