Halo Infinite’s network campaign co-op preview kicks off in July

You can finally play the campaign together again

The campaign co-op network test for Halo Infinite is right around the corner. 343 Industries confirms today that a test period for online campaign co-op in Halo Infinite will run from July 11 through 22.

Previously announced as arriving this month, 343 confirms the test will run for that period of time for Insiders. There’s another feature on the way, too.

In a Halo Waypoint blog, the studio also confirms Mission Replay will arrive alongside the network campaign co-op update. This will let players replay old missions right from the Tac-Map. Halo Infinite lead world designer John Mulkey cites the open nature of Infinite causing problems for this initially, but the update will let Solo or Co-Op players select any completed mission, alongside difficulty and Skulls. Spartan Cores will also carry over.

If you want to participate in the flighting, you’ll need to head over and sign up to be a Halo Insider on 343’s site. Otherwise, you’ll just need to make sure you own Halo Infinite (or have an active Game Pass sub), and have the Xbox Insider app downloaded if you’re on Xbox. Steam players will get a unique key via the Halo Insider team. Crossplay is supported, too.

Ain’t no party like a party full of Master Chiefs

The Halo Infinite also answers a few more burning questions about the network campaign co-op test, like what each player will look like. In previous Halo games, co-op had different players appear as different Spartans, or even Covenant Elites. In others, you are all Master Chiefs or Arbiters. Mulkey says that in Halo Infinite, everyone is Chief while playing Campaign Co-Op.

Part of the flight program means that players will need to start from scratch, though. You won’t be able to carry save data from a regular version of Halo Infinite into or out of the test. All progress in the campaign will carry over though, so you can keep all of it intact. There is also an Area-Of-Operations limit, so players can split up and tackle missions from different angles, but not necessarily run to opposite ends of the Zeta Halo.

Campaign co-op has been a long sought-after feature for Halo Infinite since its launch last year, so to see it finally start to roll out is nice. Finally, we’ll get to see what four Master Chiefs grappling and blasting across the open-world can look like. The flight starts on July 11.

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