Nintendo gave us an infographic of all the Direct Mini announcements

That’s a lot of stuff

If you wanted a quick recap of the Nintendo Direct Mini announcements, we already gave you one! But life is often a visual medium, and we have the solution right here.


To recap, here are a few choice Nintendo Direct Mini announcements:

  • Persona games coming to Switch
  • A NieR: Automata port that isn’t cloud nonsense
  • The Mega Man Battle Network series lives on again in 2023

In all, it was a pretty fun little Nintendo Direct Mini. A little stressful, I might add, because it all dropped at once with a giant VOD, but once we all got through it together and figured out what was actually new, it was fine. In fact, it was straight-up better and more justified in its existence than a lot of other “Summer of Gaming” streams. Leave it to Nintendo to just casually drive through without a big first-party stream even and crush some of the competition.

I have to admit though, the way Microsoft dropped that conference on us this summer and said “everything announced here is coming out within a year” was pretty baller. A select few of these Switch announcements are likely a ways out, and the “to be released in the future” notations for Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are worrying in particular!

Chris Carter

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