Love and Thunder Cameos We Would Love to See

The first reviews for Thor: Love and Thunder are out, with the movie set to release in theatres around the world later this week.

So far, the reception has been positive, with praises for its splendid cast, which features Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Christian Bale and more.

While the movie had its fair share of explosive action sequences, many reviewers have stated that fans might want to look out for some surprises, especially in the post-credits scene.

With Marvel Studios mostly supplying surprises in the form of cameos, we wondered whether we had any ideas on what characters the fourth installment of the franchise should have, and here are our best answers to that question.


Peter Dinklage as Eitri in Avengers: Endgame

Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage made a surprise appearance in Avengers: Endgame as Eitri, the King of the Dwarves, as he created Stormbreaker for Thor.

With Gorr the God Butcher causing a real headache for Thor and co., it’s very likely that Thor might be looking for new firepower to fight off his latest enemy, making Eitri the prime candidate for that job.

Beta Ray Bill

<b>Beta Ray Bill</b><br /><br />   There’s another Marvel character who is worthy to hold Mjolnir. While we haven’t met him yet in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you might not have realized that we’ve already seen him. Beta Ray Bill is an alien superhero who debuted in Marvel Comics in 1983, and his horse-like visage can be seen in Thor: Ragnarok on the outside of the Grandmaster’s towering headquarters.<br /><br />   A hero from a refugee alien species known as Korbinites, in the comics Bill picked up the hammer during his first encounter with Thor and was granted the powers of the thunder god. Eventually, he relinquished Mjolnir back to Thor, and Odin created Stormbreaker, a hammer imbued with the power of the Asgardians, for Beta Ray Bill to wield.<br /><br />   Bill would go on to partner with Thor many times and call him friend. Together they took on countless enemies of both Asgard and the entire galaxy. We know he already exists in the MCU, so it’s ready for him—and so are we.
Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is part of a coveted list of characters, who can wield Mjolnir besides Thor, Mighty Thor, Captain America and many more.

In the comics, Beta Ray Bill was an ally to Thor and Mighty Thor, especially during their battle with Gorr, which makes him a shoo-in to be a part of the upcoming movie.

King Thor

King Thor

King Thor is the battle hardened version of the character, who holds the ability to use the Thor-force, which he gained from his father.

During Thor’s battle with Gorr the God Butcher, the character joined forces with Thor the Avenger and Young Thor to kill Gorr once and for all, which is why an appearance from him in the movie might not be a far-fetched thought.


The supervillain keeps on winning with the most popular Disney+ show.
Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Thor believes that his brother Loki died at the hands of Thanos. However, with Loki escaping during the time-travelling events of Avengers: Endgame, a reunion between the two Norse Gods is a must.

While Loki is currently investigating that issues surrounding the new timeline, TVA and the death of He Who Remains, Thor’s arrival at the former’s doorstep is something we all wish for.


Update: Jeff Goldblum Twitter Account Hinting at the Grandmaster's Return for Thor: Love and Thunder Is a Fake
Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster

Thor: Ragnarok had a surprise introduction in the form of Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster aka the ruler of Sakaar.

With the Grandmaster overthrown by the people of Sakaar at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, a hilarious interaction between the former and the God of Thunder should definitely be on the cards.


<p>The God of the Symbiotes, Knull, wields the Necrosword called All Black and is definitely one of the most overpowered entities in the Marvel Universe. </p>

The King of the Symbiotes has long touted to be Marvel’s next major villain after the likes of Thanos and Kang the Conqueror.

With Gorr the God Butcher using the Necrosword, which originated from Knull, a little backstory about the character can set up a massive future saga for the feared symbiote.



With Russell Crowe joining Thor: Love and Thunder as the Greek God Zeus, it seems like Marvel soon open up a new side of Mythology, and who fits the bill better than Hercules.

The Greek God has been one of the more popular mythological characters in the world of Marvel comics, and it won’t be long before the MCU adapts him.

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