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Background: Hostinger started out as a personal company named “Hosting Media” back in 2004. They changed their name later on and launched 000webhost.com — a popular web hosting provider that’s offered for free. With the rampant growth and expansion, Hostinger went on to achieve a huge milestone of having 1 million users, just 6 years from the day that they started. Today, Hostinger Web Hosting manages over 29 million users and has established worldwide localized offices with 150 people working across 39 countries worldwide.

Starting Price: $1.99

Currency: USD

Visit Online: https://www.hostinger.com

Review Summary & Ratings

Hostinger offers a wide variety of hosting solutions, ranging from the advanced with VPS cloud hosting plans to beginners who just want to get started with a cheap shared server hosting. Their cheapest plan – Single Shared Hosting, starts at just $1.99 per month; and if you pay a little extra ($2.99 per month) you’ll get to host up to 100 websites with unlimited FTP and Cronjob capacity. 

My Experience with Hostinger

While the ultra-low price tag is tempting, is the company and its server reliable? To find out, I setup an account with Hostinger and added a test site (visit here) to their hosting platform. Because the web host is so easy to use, I have added more sites from my other projects to my Hostinger account and became a real user of their servers.

In this review, I will take you behind the scenes and show you features through my Hostinger account. I will share performance statistics I gathered from my hosting speed tests and uptime monitor to showcase the performance of Hostinger servers. 

The Seven Pros and Two Cons of Using Hostinger

Hostinger Service Overview

Pros: Things I Like About Hostinger Hosting?

1. Cheap Shared Server with Great Features

Hostinger isn’t just one of the cheapest hosting providers around but it offers excellent bang-for-buck. You’ll find what you pay for to be more than competitive; integrated caching even on shared plans and support for over 10k visits even on most entry-level. Top that up a little more and you get a free domain plus SSH & GIT access for higher tier shared plans.

This value-packed goodness is what makes it one of the most worthwhile platforms for newbie website owners. It’s simply the best launch point.

Hostinger shared hosting plans (screenshot 2022 March)
Hostinger Single Shared Hosting plan costs below two dollars a month. At $1.99/mo, you’ll get 30GB SSD storage, 100GB data transfer, and a built-in website builder. For higher tiers – users get to host more websites plus a free domain, Google Adwords credit, GIT and SSH access, and unlimited databases.

Notable Features in All Hostinger Shared Plans ($1.99/mo & Up)

  • Support PHP 8, Full SSD Storage, HTTP/3, IPv6, LiteSpeed Caching – Great features for faster website speed.
  • Weekly Backup & 99.9% Uptime Guarantee – Peace of mind hosting solution for busy business owners and newbies.
  • WordPress Site-Building Wizard & Managed WordPress – Easy to start and manage for first time WordPress users.
  • Free SSL & GIT Access – For better security and easy collaboration with third-party web developer.

Features in Hostinger Business Shared Plans ($4.99/mo & Up)

  • SSH Access, WordPress Staging Tool, Integration – Convenient for web development and versioning.
  • 100,000 Monthly Visits – Run on much larger server with 2 CPU cores and 1.5GB RAM.
  • Unlimited Databases & Cron Jobs – Do more with your shared hosting account with website automation and bigger database capacity.
  • Free CDN (&9.95 value) – Faster page load time for visitors from different geographical locations

2. Great Server Performance: Excellent Uptime & Speed

Part of my Hostinger rating is based on proven data. In case you are unaware – my team and I have launched a new system named HostScore to track hosting performance in 2019. We now have a system that constantly tracks server uptime every 5 minutes and runs speed tests from 10 locations worldwide every 4 hours. The massive data collected by the system enables me to understand a web host’s performance better and make a more accurate judgement.

Hostinger Hosting Uptime

From my observation, Hosting servers have been really stable at near 100% reliability over time. Our Hostinger test site’s uptime and speed test results show that Hostinger is not fooling around when it comes to server reliability.

April 2022

Hostinger Server Uptime for April 2022: 99.93%

June 2021

Hostinger Uptime June 2021
Hostinger Server Uptime for June 2021: 100%

January 2021

Hostinger Shared Hosting Uptime (Dec 2020 - Jan 2021)
Hostinger Server Uptime for December 2020 and January 2021: 99.98% and 100%. There was a short downtime with our Hostinger server on 2/12/2020 where site went down for 10 minutes. Test site was always up and running for the rest of the time. For more and latest uptime Hostinger uptime data, visit our HostScore Hostinger review page.

Hostinger Hosting Speed Tests

Hostinger isn’t the fastest around but response times are reasonable for what you pay. Overall I’d say that performance is actually above par for the price range it falls under.

Hostinger Server Speed Test at Bitcatcha (June 2022)

Using Bitcatcha Speed Test – we checked Hostinger speed from 9 countries and got a “A” rating. Test site performed averagely for Brazil (358ms response time) but did well with Asia countries including India, Japan, and Singapore. You can see the actual result here.

Hostinger Speed Test at WebPageTest (July 2021)

Hostinger Webpagetest Results from WebPageTest.org
We also run Hostinger speed tests with third party tools to confirm our findings in our in-house system. WebPageTest.org rated our test site TTFB (891ms) “A” recently (July 2021). See actual test results here.

Hostinger Speed Performance June 2021

Hostinger Speed for June 2021
We track hosting speed regularly to understand its consistency and overall speed performance. Screenshot shows Hostinger hosting speed test results for June 2021. Test site is hosted in Singapore data center – speed tests show our site loads slowest in Brazil – averaging 330ms.

3. Flexible Web Hosting Options

With Hostinger there are different types of hosting you can opt for – depending on the needs of your website.

For New Users

There’s the shared server hosting plan which breaks down into three separate packages: Single, Premium, and Business. Single offers the basic features you’ll need to run a single website. Premium, on the other hand, offers more features and performance while Business offers features and performances for those that focus on eCommerce websites.

Three Hostinger Shared Plans: Single, Premium, and Business Shared.

For Experienced Users

A bigger website can choose to go for VPS or Cloud hosting, which gives the best performance in terms of speed and server resources. All the different hosting plan gives your website plenty of flexibility to grow and expand once your business becomes bigger ranging from $2.49/mo to $77.99/mo on signup, for users who require higher hosting capacity.

Hostinger hosting packages span the gamut from shared to WordPress, VPS, and even niche plans such as Minecraft servers, ranging from $1.99/mo (Single Shared Plan) to $77.99/mo (VPS Plan 8) on signup.

Host with cPanel, hPanel or CyberPanel

Unlike many competitors, Hostinger has always marched to the beat of its own drum. While in the past that may have caused some frowns it is actually an advantage given how the hosting landscape has changed.

One clear example has been the increasing cost of cPanel licensing. Since Hostinger uses its own hPanel, they’re able to offer much more competitive deals than those who have traditionally relied on cPanel.

For VPS plans, Hostinger makes use of CyberPanel, a web hosting control panel that’s powered by LiteSpeed. That helps keep VPS pricing competitive as well while allowing good levels of speed performance and flexibility.

4. Choices of Data Centers in Three Continents

Part of Hostinger’s vision is to have as much presence around the globe as possible – that’s why have over 150 offices across the globe. The same can be said for their data centers.

As of today, Hostinger has seven data centers spread across the US, Asia, and Europe – all of which you can choose to host your website. All of the data center servers are connected to 1,000 Mbps connection lines which ensure maximum speed performance and stability. That means that you’ll get maximum speed for your website.

Having multiple is definitely helpful in keeping your website loading fast, partly because it helps reduces latency for users when they try to access your website’s data that’s nearer to their physical location.

5. Free and Cheap Domain (.XYZ at $0.99/year)

Hostinger Domain Registration
You can type your desired domain name into Hostinger domain checker search bar and find out if it’s available instantly.

For domain name registrations, Hostinger offers some of the more affordable pricing when it comes to domain extensions.

Compared to popular domain registrars such GoDaddy, Hostinger’s prices for popular extensions, such .com and .net are, much cheaper.

For less popular domain extensions like .xyz or .tech, you can get it for as low as $0.99, compared to GoDaddy which offers it at $1.17 and $10.17 respectively.

* Note: For best accuracy in pricing, please refer to official site: https://www.godaddy.com/

6. User-Friendly Control Panel

Hostinger uses their in-house developed  Web Hosting Control Panel, named as hPanel, for their shared server platform. It functions similarly to cPanel but it comes with a posh design and some modern usability tweak – which makes it better than cPanel in my opinion.

The entire layout of hPanel dashboard makes it easy for users to access important system functions such as managing web files using drag-and-drop uploader in File Manager, setting up email accounts or changing your password, as well as switching PHP version and tracking web host resources usage (refer to images below).

Hostinger hPanel Demo

Hostinger hPanel dashboard
Hostinger hPanel demo: This is where you configure your website – install a CMS (ie. WordPress), add new subdomain, access your MySQL database, and explore your web files. Note that if you are hosting multiple domains with Hostinger, you need to select your domain (green pointer in screenshot) before making any changes in your configurations.
Hostinger Advanced Configuration
Hostinger hPanel demo: To edit DNS Zone, add Cron Jobs, setup SSH access, enable server side caching, or configure PHP version – go to Advanced. Note that Hostinger supports up till PHP 8.0 at this point of writing.
Hostinger Billing Section
Hostinger hPanel demo: The “Billing” tab is where you setup payment method and access to your payment history.
Hostinger Upgrade Plan
Hostinger hPanel demo: The “Servers” tab is where you upgrade your Hostinger plan or order new hosting plans.
Hostinger Hosting Tab
Hostinger hPanel demo: The “Hosting” tab (top navigation) is where you can see all the domains hosted on your Hostinger account. As you can see right now I am hosting four domains at Hostinger.
Hostinger one-click application installer
Hostinger’s customized one-click application installer (similar to Softaculous) dashboard is intuitive and easy to use even for beginners. To access, login to Hostinger user dashboard > Website > Auto Installer.

7. Wide Range of Payment Pptions

Hostinger makes the payment process for their services easy to its users by allowing a wide variety of payment methods. You can make your payment using either PayPal, Credit Card (Visa, Master, Discover, American Express), Ali Pay, Google Pay, and various crypto currencies including BTC and ETH.

Hostinger Payment Options
Hostinger allows for a wide variety of payment method including major credit cards, PayPal, crypto payments, AliPay, as well as Google Pay.

Cons: What I Don’t Like About Hostinger?

1. Price increase during the renewal

For the most part, Hostinger plans are quite affordable when you first sign up. When you renew, however, Hostinger will increase the prices quite significantly. While they have changed their renewal pricing to lower the hikes recently, the price increase is still an unpleasant surprise for many.

hostinger latest renewal pricing
Hostinger offers great discounts on signup (up to 80%!) but prices increase after first term. If you signup for Hostinger Single Shared Plan today, it costs $2.49/month for 24 months subscription but $4.99/month when you renew.

2. SSL Headaches

SSL is mandatory nowadays and if you aren’t running HTTPS you will find your site getting penalized in many ways. Sadly, despite free SSL being common, Hostinger doesn’t make installing one easy.

They provide a free dedicated SSL certificate for a single website that’s valued at $11.95 per year but if you want to run more on the same plan, there will be problems setting those up with Free Let’s Encrypt certificates. Not the end of world since you can use a third-party installer, but an unnecessary hump to overcome nonetheless.

Learn more – How to get a free SSL certificate.

Installing SSL to your Hostinger
To access your SSL installation page, login to Hostinger dashboard > Advanced > SSL.

Hostinger Web Hosting Plans

Shared Hosting Plans & Pricing

Hostinger offers 3 shared hosting plans that you can choose from, which are Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting. Since all of them come with a 30-Day Free trial, you can test out their services risk-free.

Single Web Hosting offers the basic in terms of features and performance. For those who need more, premium and business includes a number of features such as more SSD disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Business hosting, in particular, gives you 4x enhanced processing power and a free CDN which is great for eCommerce stores.

** Note #2: Hostinger does not offer dedicated IP for shared hosting users. 

More about Hostinger Shared Plans here

VPS Hosting Plans & Pricing

There are 8 tiers of VPS hosting on Hostinger, starting from VPS 1 to VPS 8. If you’re looking for blazing-fast loading speed, the Hostinger Cloud VPS is 30x faster than other normal shared hosting.

In addition to that, all of the Cloud VPS come with 100 MB/s Network, IPv6 Support, and SSD drives. Their VPS 8 can get you up to 8 CPUs, 16 GB Ram, 250 GB disk space and 12,000 GB bandwidth, which can handle any kind of website. Plus, if you need help, they have dedicated in-house Live Chat supports ready to help 24/7/365.

* Note: Hostinger offers eight pre-set VPS hosting plans – please check out plan #4 – #8 at their official website. All Hostinger VPS hosting comes with free dedicated IP address and full server root access.

More about Hostinger VPS Plans here

Message from Hostinger: Why Go with Our Hosting Plans?

I spoke to marketing managers and support staffs a number of times in the past. Naturally, the question “What makes Hostinger better than the others” come up and this is what they wish to say to WHSR readers:

Message from HostingerSarune Hostinger

Giving the opportunity for people to learn led Hostinger to become an industry’s price leader with a strong community of more than 30  million happy clients all over the world who choose to continue their journey with Hostinger and unlock all the unlimited web hosting features for the BEST price & quality balance.

Starting from  $1.39/mo webmasters can experience powerful SSD based shared web hosting services & for more demanding ones – only $3.95/mo to take absolutely full control over their personal cloud VPS servers.

– Sarune, Hostinger

Hostinger Alternatives

Despite Hostinger’s ultra cheap signup rates and user popularity, not everyone will find them an ideal fit. It is important to realize that there are many alternatives to Hostinger that may better fit your websites. Below are some Hostinger alternatives that come out on top in our hosting recommendation list.

Compare Hostinger with Oher Cheap Web Hosts

  • BlueHost ($2.95/mo) – BlueHost is offcially recommended by WordPress.org; the web host comes out tops for user-friendliness and overall popularity (see detailed comparison).
  • TMD Hosting ($2.95/mo) – TMD Hosting is a rare gem that I often recommend to my friends and families. TMD’s shared plans come with built-in Weebly Site Builder and choice of different server locations.
  • GreenGeeks ($2.95/mo) – GreenGeeks is the global leader in eco-friendly hosting services; the web host also comes with a great Let’s Encrypt free SSL support and five data centers.

Alternatives to Hostinger VPS Hosting

  1. Cloudways ($12.00/mo) – Cloudways is a Managed Cloud Hosting run on Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon AWS, or Google infrastructure. Their hosting service is affordable and highly scalable.
  2. A2 Hosting ($43.99/mo) – A2’s Managed VPS Plans start with 4GB RAM and 150GB SSD storage at less than $50 per month (see comparison).
  3. InMotion Hosting ($5.00/mo) – InMotion’s VPS Plans come with Corero DDoS protection, dedeicated IP address, and built-in server monitoring. Their cheapest plan starts at just $5 per month – which makes them a great choice for those searching for a low-cost VPS Hosting.

Verdict: Should You Go with Hostinger Hosting?

Hostinger brings a lot to the table, from fantastic pricing to a wide range of server locations and the depth of plan types to grow into. These advantages do come at some sacrifice though – such as the lack of migration assistance and some minor SSL headaches. Of course, you’ll also have to content with plan renewal price hikes, but that’s quite typical with low cost hosting providers.

Bottom line, Hostinger is a good choice for those who are looking one-stop cheap hosting solution – in particular newbies who are just starting out.

Frequent Asked Questions

How good is Hostinger?

Like I mentioned in the review – Hostinger is in particular good in term of cheap pricing, wide range of server locations, and the depth of hosting types to grow into. However these advantages do come at some sacrifice though – such as the lack of migration assistance and some minor SSL headaches.

Why is Hostinger so cheap?

To some companies, hosting business is a cut-troat competition and many of them will do whatever it takes to win marketshares. Such is the case with Hostinger where their shared hosting prices are 30% – 50% cheaper than usual market rates. Lucky for consumers like us – this means we get ultra cheap prices during signup.

Is Hostinger safe to use?

Yes. Our Hostinger-hosted test site is safe and sound so far. Hostinger servers come with advanced security modules such as Apache mod_security, Suhosin PHP hardening, PHP open_basedir protection – these features meet current hosting safety standard requirements.

Is Hostinger good for beginners?

Absolutely. Great feautres, cheap shared hosting prices, and responsive support team – Hostinger is a reat choice for beginners who are looking one-stop hosting solution.

Which Hostinger Shared Plan is the best?

Premium Shared Hosting Plan offers the biggest savings and capacity to host 100 websites. We think this is the best plan to start with if you are new.

Learn more – Visit Hostinger official website online

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