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Street Fighter, Final Fight, and more

Sega has released the names of 10 more titles to be included on its upcoming retro hardware Sega Mega Drive II Mini. The 10 games are, as of this writing only confirmed for the JPN model of the dinky doohickey, which is reflected in the way that some of these titles were not released outside of Japan.

Among the new titles listed are Capcom classics Super Street Fighter II and Final Fight CD, as well as legendary RPGs Lunar: The Silver Star and Lunar: Eternal Blue. Also in the mix is SNK’s Fatal Fury 2, Treasure’s Alien Soldier, and the bizarre tricycle-based arcade game Spatter. A particularly quirky addition is the Wondermega Collection, essentially a sampler disc that includes several Sega Game Toshokan service titles and four CD+G karaoke tracks. A neat little piece of Sega CD history.

The full list of revealed titles is as follows.

Sega Mega Drive Games:

  • Aah! Harimanada
  • Alien Soldier
  • Fatal Fury 2
  • Gyuwanburaa Jikochuushin Ha Katayama Masayuki no Majong Dojo
  • Spatter
  • Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers
  • Tatsujin

Sega Mega CD Titles

  • Final Fight CD
  • Lunar: Eternal Blue
  • Lunar: The Silver Star
  • Wondermega Collection

As you might have read on this here website, it has been confirmed that the hardware will receive a western release in the form of the Sega Genesis 2, which will be hitting the shelves day and date alongside the Japanese edition this fall. We can very likely expect any of the above titles that received an English localization back in the day, (Final Fight and Lunar: The Silver Star for example), to be featured on the western release, although official confirmation from Sega is still forthcoming.

The Sega Mega Drive II / Genesis 2 Mini launches October 27.

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