Lego Reveals Newer, Bigger Bowser Coming To San Diego Comic-Con

Remember earlier this month, when Nintendo and Lego revealed a massive new Bowser set? At the time we all thought that was a big Bowser. And to be fair, at a foot tall and nearly 3,000 pieces, it’s still pretty large (and will set you back $270). But now we have an even bigger Bowser. This massive new Bowser animatronic won’t be for sale, but will be hanging around San Diego Comic-Con later this week.

Bowser, the arch-nemesis (and occasional go-karting buddy) of Mario and company is a very large, powerful villain who’s appeared in countless Nintendo games over the last 37 years. So it only makes sense to recreate the iconic, destructive King Koopa as a massive, fully animated Lego animatronic. Earlier today, Nintendo revealed the first look at this new Bowser figure, complete with moving eyeballs, fingers, and eyebrows.

This massive Bowser figure was first teased earlier this month, after the reveal of the recently announced buildable Bowser Lego puppet set. As an interesting point of comparison, the Bowser set you can buy contains 2,807 lego pieces. That’s a lot of bricks! However, this animated San Diego Comic-Con King Koopa statue is made up of 663,900 individual Lego bricks, which is over 236 times as many as the home set. So yeah, just a bit bigger…

I probably don’t need to tell you this, but don’t expect Nintendo and Lego to start selling massive, human-scale Bowser builds anytime soon. In the video reveal of this biggest Bowser yet, small text at the bottom pointed out that this thing ain’t for sale. And even if it was, that amount of bricks would cost a lot more than $270. The Lego Titanic set has over 9,000 pieces and costs $630. I can only imagine how much this massive Bowser figure would go for at retail. You’d probably need to take out a bank loan.

While you won’t be able to acquire your own several hundred pound animatronic Bowser, you can at least see this big boy at San Diego Comic-Con, which starts July 21 and wraps up on July 24.

And if you want your own (tiny) big Bowser Lego set, the one announced earlier can be found on Lego’s official website ahead of its October 1 release.


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