The Switch has 55 first-party titles that have sold over a million

The latest White Book publication from the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association has been a godsend when it comes to sales information. This year’s installment has given us another big breakdown of game sales across platforms and regions, and we’ve shared quite a bit of information from the report today. There’s still one thing left to cover, though, and it’s a very notable tidbit.

We already know the Switch is a massive hit both in terms of units sold and software moved, but today we can put things into better perspective on the game side. When it comes to first party Switch games alone, 55 different first-party titles have managed to move over 1 million units. That’s an incredibly impressive figure for the Big N, as it goes to show just how strong their franchises are.

Of course, you most likely want to know what games are in that list of 55 strong. No worries, as you can see the complete rundown below!

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