Switch ‘rebootless’ update bans more bad words

The Switch had its firmware updated to Version 14.1.2 back in June, and it was a rather quiet update. Outside of the usual ‘general stability’ message from Nintendo, there was nothing of interest shared.

While we’re still waiting on the next Switch firmware update, Nintendo has pushed live a ‘rebootless’ update for Version 14.1.2. A rebootless update is one that doesn’t require the user to do anything, and is applied without any fanfare. Wondering what was included in this rebootless update? We’ve got some notes for you, thanks to the datamining scene.

As is usually the case with rebootless updates, Nintendo has once again updated the ‘bad words’ list. Here’s what’s been added this time around.

  • ahegao in Japanese
  • a misspelling of the C-word
  • crude ASCII art of a penis

Nintendo’s last rebootless firmware update for the Switch came in July, and it also had added new entries to the ‘bad words’ list.

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